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Privacy Policy

We strive to ensure that your privacy is protected at all times, while still enjoying access to accurate life insurance quotes from leading providers in the US. Below, you’ll find the answers to some of the most common questions surrounding our privacy policy. We hope to provide you with peace of mind at all times, concerning the ways in which your personal information is used and accessed.

What information is required, and why do you need it?

Whether on our website or asked by one of our expert, licensed agents, the questions you will answer are needed to help determine which life insurance companies are best suited for your needs. This information is for our internal purposes only, and have no effect on the rates quoted to you by life insurance companies. We require several pieces of information in order to connect you with the best-suited life insurance companies, including:

When you’ve entered your information, one of our experts will review it and clarify if necessary. Clarification may be provided by phone or email, whichever is more comfortable for you.

We may also contact you periodically regarding products that we believe you may be interested in based on your previous interactions. However, we never give or sell your information to other parties. Our goal is your peace of mind, and that means securing your information at all times.

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What do you do to protect my information?

Our goal is to always protect the information you’ve entrusted us with. To that end, we use full 128-bit encryption on our website through Secured Socket Layer protocol (SSL). Network Solutions, a leading national Internet security firm, provides our encryption.

When is my information given to life insurance companies?

We only share your information with life insurance companies after you have given us authorization to do so. If you authorize us to share your information, we provide you with formal paperwork for your review in order to ensure there are no changes or adjustments needed. Only when you have officially signed off do we share your information with life insurance companies.

How is my information used by life insurance companies?

The information you provide is used by life insurance companies for the purpose of determining which products are best suited to you. In areas where it is allowed by law, your information may be utilized to access other data, potentially including your medical history, your driving record, and credit history. All information, regardless of type, is used in the underwriting process. You authorize this access in the initial application.

How do I make changes to my information?

We’re happy to ensure that your information is as accurate as possible. If you feel a change is needed, or experience a life alteration that would necessitate updating your information, you can call us directly or email us. We can provide you with access to your records through our website if you prefer, but in all cases, you may be required to answer questions to verify your identity. This is part of our process for protecting our clients’ personal and confidential information.

Why does your website use cookies?

Our website uses cookies for a number of reason. The most important of those is that it allows us to personalize your visit and overall user experience. It also allows us to provide enhanced security and protection while you are using our website by establishing your identity. Cookies are also necessary to ensure that our website is displayed correctly in your browser. Note that if you prefer not to use cookies, you can call us directly to discuss life insurance quotes and companies.

The use of cookies does not reduce your safety or security. They do not grant access to any information on your computer, and are relevant only to your web browser. We also use pixels to help us manage our advertising campaigns. These are applied to ensure that advertisers recognize the cookie in your browser and helps us identify how you arrived at our website. Note that all of your information, including personal contact information, remains confidential.